Sailing camp update – Greetings from Denmark!

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Greetings from Denmark!

It’s a beautiful sunny morning here in Marstal, on the island of Aero. We’re having a brilliant time so far, but I’ll let the kids do the talking. Here’s a blog entry from Thomas, about our day yesterday:

In the morning most of us woke up at quarter past seven because the sea gulls were quite loud, so nobody could sleep anymore. At quarter to eight the kitchen duty team made breakfast. It was very good! At ten o’clock we started sailing, and drove out of the bight using the motor. When we were out of the bight, we hoisted up the main sail and the Fock. After a little time the Flyer, too! after lunch we had to scrub the decks. Later we arrived in the harbour of Martial. At seven o’clock we had dinner – chicken curry with rice, and lots of salad and vegetables. In the evening we played English games with the whole crew… it was a great day!

And here’s a few words from Catarina:

Jule and I went out into the net over the water and hoisted the sail up. It wasn’t easy, but fun. The rest of the day we played games and cleaned the deck. After 5 hours we arrived in Marstal. We had a nice shower there and went shopping in the supermarket (for sweets!).

Unfortunately the internet connection is too weak for photos, but I’ll hopefully upload some in the next few days…

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