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Our unique camp allows you to practise your English at the same as taking part in various outdoor activities, such as climbing and hiking. We have designed a wide variety of activities in the mountains to ensure that everyone has an incredible summer holiday, combining English language learning with outdoor skills.

Our program introduces the students to key climbing skills and the English phrases needed to belay each other safely as a team. Once practised and confident, we take the group climbing at an outdoor rock (weather permitting!) and challenge them to make it to the top. If they find it too easy the first time, they can always have a go blindfolded, using the help of their team to guide them! Furthermore, one of our most enjoyable activities involves making a movie- students start at the beginning by deciding on the plot, characters and locations, before moving onto drawing up a storyboard, rehearsing their lines and finally filming the movie itself! You will get the opportunity to see their masterpieces either at the end of the week or via a media transfer we will send to you after camp ends.

The program also provides numerous opportunities for students to develop their team building and interpersonal skills. Every instructor has access to a huge supply of games and activities to play with their groups; depending on the group size and dynamics they will choose things to do best suited to the needs and wants of students. Students often reflect at the end of the week that they didn’t even realise they were learning they were having so much fun! That said, we are sure you will see the difference in English speaking skills and confidence by the end of the week.

Our July camp takes place in the holidays of Hessen and Rheinfeldplatz. If you’re looking for later camps, see here and here.



For camps at Easter or Pentecost, we’ve got that covered too!

What’s included?
  • 1 language trainer and 1 assistant per group
  • Equipment
  • Transfers to/ from camp
  • Accommodation and all meals
  • Small groups up to a max. of 12 students per group
  • Film project
  • Team challenges
  • Lots of fun
  • Speaking English
  • Depending on the location, a hike to a mountain hut or a day out at a high ropes course (location to be confirmed)
  • Evening programs


11-16 years old.

You will be split into different groups, depending on your age. We usually have a “Juniors” (age 11-13) and “Seniors” (14-16) group.

The journey to the camp has to be organised yourself, however, we offer pick ups from the train station.

PRICE: 650,00 €

Brothers and sisters get a discount of €20 for each additional sibling.

Travel Insurance is not included in the price but it is recommended.


Our canoe camp takes place at the Heubethof in the beautiful Allgäu, in the south of Bavaria. The house is in the middle of the mountains, in the Gunzesrieder valley.

Food is prepared fresh every day. Vegetarians and other special diets are catered for (please let us know!).

Specific information on travelling to camp, program information and pack list details can be found in our download area.

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Standort Pfingstcamp Mountains

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